Vaccination post Sangha

Sangha’s modest little hospital performs many vaccinations. Often large groups of mothers and children sit waiting outside in the sun. The hospital and the Dogon Women Initiative together therefore decided to combine the occasion of vaccination with an educational program about nutrition and hygiene. A simple ‘hangar’, surrounded on all sides with benches, with an overhanging roof proofed to be the best solution. Walls of the hangar serve as screens on which short instructional videos can be projected using the miniature Pico-Player beamer. On the front end of the hall are two rooms, one for vaccination and one for medical examination. The façades have been detailed with attractive ventilation-bricks that add to the building’s character.

Meeting with the doctor


Floor plan and section
View of the hangar


Construction process
View of the building in the complex of the hospital in Sangha
The visit at the doctor
Meeting of the women at the vaccination post

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