The road to Nando


As an element of the restoration of the village of Nando, parts of the old road uphill are renovated to be able to bring material to the site. In the past ten years, the road was almost completely flooded away by the rain. Therefore all the transport of materials, wood and food had to be done by people or donkeys.

The construction of the paved road involves in total about sixty people and our local organization ADI (Association Dogon initiative) organizes the work and takes care of the technical instructions. This work facilitates the transport of the materials, which makes the restoration of the mosque possible.

The renovation starts with cutting and collecting stones needed for the enclosure of the road’s sides.
The second step is characterized by the supply of red earth, gravel and the required cement in order to stabilize the stones on top of the sloped parts. Paving the road with stones was necessary to avoid any further damages by the heavy rain. Every year a new part of the road is implemented by the local community.