The restoration in Yougo

The restoration of the Tellem granaries in Yougo Dogourou shows a successful start of the restoration of the whole village. The next goal is to restore step by step all the houses in the village of Yougo. This first phase brought good spirit in the village, a transfer of traditional knowledge to the younger generation and an easier access to the water. From this experience, we learned that the transfer of traditional know-how from the older to the younger generation can be done successfully within the framework of a restoration site, which serves as a training opportunity.

The construction of the new dam improved the water security, but unfortunately there is still a small leak which can create problems during the dry season. The management plan comprehends:
– the reparation of the new dam;
– the restoration of three partly collapsed houses, which were selected by the local community.
A list with the name of all the families of the village has been provided by our local partner organization ADI as a guide for the restoration projects.
The restoration will be much easier on the practical side due to the former experience, but the financial resources cannot be provided by the village – that is why we apply for support.