Primary school Sono Ma

The existing primary school in the village of Sono Ma has been renovated and expanded with three classrooms on the basis of the original design. Prior to the renovation, the classrooms had been in very poor conditions. Their original structure was nonetheless judged good enough, and a design was made for the renovation that would integrate a number of important qualitative improvements.

The condition of the existing school
The site plan and the section of the existing and the new school

The old roof was removed, as it was according to common standards wedged in between the walls, damaging them. A new roof, resting on a separate construction, was installed over the existing school. A veranda on the outside of the school now creates a shaded, communal outside area. Parts of the standing walls have been replaced by new Brazilian brickwork, which considerably improves the climate inside the classroom. The two clusters of classroom come together around the schoolyard. This special project has been an important step in the context of Malian building, an eye-opener for local builders to the potential of simple renovation and maintenance measures.

The renovation process of the school
The renovation of the existing school
Children playing in the courtyard between the two schools
The construction process
View of the new school
Detail of the windows and the brickwork

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