Primary school Senguembengou

The existing school in Senguembengou was designed in 1990 by a Malinese architect. In Mali there are many of these schools that are relatively well built and have a distinctive character. They are often in a decent condition. Since these schools are built with concrete bricks, the climate inside is very warm and the lowered ceiling, which should be used for ventilation, often works poorly.
During the renovation, the ceiling has been removed to improve the ventilation, the floors are renewed and the roof construction is rebuilt. On the other side of this renewed school, a new school with 3 classrooms has been built, creating an extra outdoor space, so that there is plenty of room for the children to sit in the shade.

View of the renewed school and the new one
Floor plan, sections and elevation
The process
Outdoor shaded space
View of the classrooms with the offices on the right
Details of the brickwork
Installation of the blue pump next to the school