Houses for teachers in Kamba

On request of a local entrepreneur, Seydou Nantoume, a man who invests a lot in education, in roads and in companies, we have designed houses for the teachers in the village of Kamba. The cluster of houses will be built in autumn. All this represents steps which will guarantee that also the quality of training will improve. A solid home, teachers who are present in the neighborhood of a school in a stable way and a real situation of ‘living-working’.

140129_Kamba render 2 bewerkt

The cluster of four houses for teachers.

140129_Kamba ensemble_01

140129_Kamba render 5 bewerkt

140129_Kamba render 3 bewerkt

140129_Kamba woning_01

140129_Kamba render 4 bewerkt

The new yard with stoves made of clay.

We have designed a nice cluster of houses around a small communal square. Constructing traditional walls by means of cut stones combined with HCEB stones is a novelty for us, but it is also the explicit wish of the client who wants to see also that local knowledge en know-how of building will be more developed.

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