Nombori is a splendid village lying tightly against the rockface. The village has a small cultural center. In the past, it was very much beloved by tourists. The most beautiful part of the village situated close to the cliff, unfortunately fell a bit into disrepair and most houses have been abandoned. Most people are now living somewhat further at the foot of the slope. Nombori is very hard to reach by the enclosure of big sand hills and by bodies of water along the rockface. People walk up and down with donkey carts to the fields. In the neighborhood of the village only very limited agriculture is possible, since most fertile soils have disappeared under the drifting sand.

The school in Nombori has been realized in collaboration with the foundation Dogon Bloemendaal. It was the wish of the community, where already for a much longer time a good primary school with 6 grades was situated, to embark also on the organization of follow up / second cycle education in the village, i.e. grades 7, 8 and 9. Originally the school would be made of hacked stones, but in consultation with the village, eventually the choice fell on a model made of concrete stones. The difficult supply of material led to a longer realization period than thought before, but the building being finished now, it is already well used. In the initial period, a director, a teacher and a trainee are available to teach the almost 90 students.