The village of Soban, situated in the plain at 15 kilometers from Koundou, had already a classroom and a nice house for the director. It was financed through the Foundation of Air France pilots. Here the children of the first three grades (6 – 8 years old) got their education, the older children go to school in Koundou. The village is growing and so does the number of children. The very enthusiastic and inspiring director ran firmly after everyone, and that’s why the French pilots were prepared to finance yet another two classrooms. We have argued in favor of the simultaneous extension of this school with two teacher’s houses, as the housing of new teachers came out to be more and more problematic in the planning stage in 2010.

These teacher’s houses have been built on to both head sides of the small school. The school is already in use since October 2012, but the inauguration had been postponed. Unfortunately the French didn’t dare to show up any more. That’s why SDO did the honors in a very modest role. During the opening, the students demonstrated very many activities, which also immediately reflects the strength of the director. It made me very optimistic about this school. Also the presence of many representatives and the extension with effectively 2 teachers completed this impression. These occasions offer also very good opportunities to SDO to reinforce afterwards the contacts with the many local authorities and to explore the future collaboration.
In short: feast and work!