The plan for the vaccination building in Sangha

vaccination building february 2016 (17)

Through a meeting with a local doctor, we understood the needs of a vaccination building for the population of Sangha. Despite the progress that has been made in the last few years in terms of vaccinations, many children still have no access to basic health care. Malnutrition is also the number one cause of infant mortality. In this context, prevention plays an essential role in maintaining public health, particularly children’s health.


The vaccination building represents a place not only to vaccinate children, but also a place where women can learn good practices how to prevent malnutrition by applying simple behaviors like exclusive breastfeeding, hand washing with soap, sleeping under bed nets and how to identify a malnourished child. Training program will be organized in order to raise community awareness on these issues.

160504_Plan and elevation

The building will be situated in in the existing complex of the hospital in Sangha. The design combines a room for the vaccination, an office and a meeting place for discussion and activities for women.


While women are waiting with their kids for their turn to be vaccinated, they can use their time in a beneficial way, raising awareness on the use of clean water, hygiene and nutrition. Information will be provided and videos will be projected with a beamer in order to sensitize women on those problematics presented in the area.