The board of Partners Pays-Dogon consists of Jurriaan van Stigt (Chair), Alexander Kleijngeld (treasurer), Liesbeth Spigt and Bart Duvekot. Different working groups have been formed around the themes schools, educational innovation, women’s groups, cultural heritage, water and desert greening. Under the guidance of a project leader, members of a working group work in close collaboration with ADI on our projects. Due to the nature of our many long-term projects, there is frequent collaboration between the working groups: “there can be no local mason without good local technical education, is one of Partners Pays-Dogon’s many credos.

The numerous volunteers, previously involved in the separate foundations, will now find their place in a working group that requires their expertise and experience, and that answers to their enthusiasm.

We are ever so eager to hear of enthusiasts or partners in the field who wish to share their knowledge and experience or otherwise contribute to our work.

Partners Pays-Dogon is a registered ANBI: RSIN 812175554

The full financial statement for 2016 can be found here, and was reported by Atripel accountants in The Hague.